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Yacht charter in Ibizabyday

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The best Yacht Charter in Ibizabyday

Ibiza is a wonderful island that attracts thousands of tourists mainly for two attractions: its nightlife and its idyllic beaches and coves. Ibiza has a large number of coves, some of them very difficult to access. There are even cases where it is only possible to reach them by boat. This means that the number of visitors they receive is much less numerous and that they continue to retain that natural charm that fascinates us so much.
Obviously, not everyone can have a boat moored in an Ibizan port to reach these islands, but it is possible to rent one to enjoy the coast and its most inaccessible places in a different way.
Imagine a perfect day with your family enjoying an incredible cove, swimming in a natural pool of blue water or sunbathing on rocks in a place where only you are. Few scenes can convey more peace and be better indicative of a day of relaxation with your family.
But we know that in holidays not only of relaxation the man lives and for that reason there are other alternatives to be able to enjoy the rent of boats.

Water sports and boat rentals

One of the attractions of renting a boat is to be able to perform water sports. Therefore, the rental of some of our boats includes being able to enjoy, for example, Seabobs. We refer to those boards propelled with which you can move on water at high speed or even dive without getting tired.
The Seabobs are very fashionable in Ibiza because they are very fun and allow snorkeling in a different way. By moving at high speed they make it easier to make trips underwater or along the coast in a short time and the feeling has been defined by many as the closest thing to becoming a dolphin for a while, since you can do jumps and games in the water like those that these animals do.
Glasses and snorkel tubes are a great alternative to observe the seabed in places where the water is completely transparent, away from the areas most frequented by people or more polluted.
And for those who love water sports to the fullest, it is possible to rent jet skis and water ski equipment to have everything you need to spend a perfect day having a great time with all kinds of activities with your partner or friends. We even have rental equipment for Wakeboard, another of the sports of fashion for fans of adrenaline and the sea.

Parties on board a ship

Parties on board a ship are another attraction in Ibiza. Rent a boat among several friends to enjoy a meal at sea and a small party is common and very fun. We have boats of different sizes to adapt to the number of people who want to organize the party and enjoy a different and very original day. All kinds of celebrations have been held on our ships, from bachelor or single bachelor parties to all types of family gatherings.

Surprising a boyfriend or girlfriend with a party on board the ship can be the prelude to a long night out at the island’s fashionable nightclubs. Or surprise your parents with a day on the boat to celebrate their silver or gold wedding with all their children before going to dinner at a restaurant.
There are always good excuses to enjoy a boat party that can consist of very different things according to the concept of fun that each group has, always respecting the basic safety rules on a boat.

Sleeping by boat

The boat can also be the ideal accommodation in a trip to Ibiza. Hotels are not the only places to sleep. You can rent a boat to enjoy during the day of walks and fun and sleep in port during the night.
A different experience but very nice because some of our boats have a master suite that has little or nothing to envy to any hotel in the area. A different way to spend the holidays and enjoy the sea from the minute zero.
Sleeping on the boat does not prevent you from going ashore to go out to dinner, go dancing or to see some fashion show or just take a walk to get to know the port or the city. When finished, just return to the boat and prepare for a special night that can start watching the stars while enjoying a drink sitting on the deck and enjoying the night breeze.

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