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Cala Jondal

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Cala Jondal

Cala Jondal is located in the south of the island of Ibiza, just over a kilometer from Sa Caleta. The cove, one of the largest in the island, is made of boulders but once the bathers enter the water they can enjoy a soft sandy bottom and the waters are crystalline and allow seeing the bottom and the fish swimming in them.

This is one of the attractions of this beach, which has walkways to go directly to the sea without having to go through the entire area of stones. Many people take advantage of the transparency and the good temperature of their waters to snorkel or even dive.

It is common to see boats anchored at a certain distance from the coast with people enjoying the water and different water sports, most of them rented to spend a few days during the holidays. Some of the locals of the coast offer service to the boats taking them all kinds of dishes to enjoy pleasant meals or drinks for their parties.


villa-cream-cala-jondal_55-1 Cala Jondal

The great offer of hospitality

The restaurants and beach bars located at the foot of Cala Jondal have made it one of the most fashionable places on the island. There you can go to enjoy a delicious plate of fried fish or a snack. Thanks to the great variety of businesses, it is easy to find them for almost all budgets, always bearing in mind that Ibiza is not exactly a cheap island and that we are in an area with high demand oriented to a high middle class public.

In addition to the chiringuitos to eat, in the cove you can find some of the most famous beach bars on the island. These establishments are located on the same cove and offer their clients the possibility to lie down in a hammock or on a Balinese bed while enjoying a delicious cocktail. Some of the most famous are the Tropicana or the Blue Marlin in which it is quite usual to meet famous people.

All these restaurants and beach bars are also open during the summer nights in Ibiza. Each time there are more beaches on the island that lengthen their nightlife and the success of this corner has made their premises remain open until late at night. In this way, people can enjoy the night views of the sea and the beach while they have dinner or a drink.


villa-cream-cala-jondal_60 Cala Jondal

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