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The Ibiza night

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The Ibiza night with Ibizabyday

Ibiza is the island that never sleeps. He has earned this nickname thanks to its many venues and nightclubs. Many people travel to the island exclusively to enjoy their nightly parties and to have live experience of dancing to the beat of the most famous DJs.
If your intention is to travel to the island and enjoy this type of place, we recommend buying tickets in advance, especially if you want to go to a well-known party or to the most fashionable places. Although some of them are huge in size, the influx that they may have makes, so that you do not have to worry, it is best to buy the tickets when you make reservations at the hotel.
Luckily, all these rooms have Webs where you can see the calendar of your parties and buy tickets to enjoy all the events you want, making sure you will be able to enter the premises. We recommend that you visit more than one to be able to get a complete idea of ​​everything the night offers on this island.

Some of the most emblematic rooms

Pacha Ibiza: Without doubt one of the mythical places of the Ibiza night. It has been the star of the night on the island for 45 years and is the most emblematic of the famous chain that has party halls all over the world. In their parties it is common to see well-known people from all walks of life,

from politics to music, sports or the world of cinema. It is the place of the famous “F … me I`m Famous” parties of Guetta, one of the most important DJs in the world.

Amnesia: Another name that is already a legend for lovers of nightclubs. It began its journey in 1976 and currently remains one of the largest premises on the island with a capacity of five thousand people. It has important recognitions, surely the highlight is its award as the Best Global Club in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011 at the IDMA Awards in Miami.

Privilege Ibiza: This is another of the nightclubs that opened in the seventies but, in this case, it was completely renovated in 1995, becoming not only the largest venue on the island, but the largest nightclub in the country. world as recorded in the Guinness records. Its capacity is of nothing less than 10,000 people and in its famous parties during the summer you can find it to the fullest. Celebrities love it for its many VIP areas where they can ride their parties away from prying eyes and journalists.

Ushuaia: It is located in the hotel complex of the same name. It is an outdoor party room where there is no lack of pool or evenings on the beach. A place that everyone describes as different and very vibrant and that nobody should miss in a visit to Ibiza. They are specialized in electronic music.

It’s Paradis: For many, the temple of techno music in Ibiza. His water parties are the best known and those that have given him fame and attract hundreds and hundreds of people in each of their editions.

Swag Ibiza Club: Another party room with live shows and specialized in Urban Music. It is one of the most modern rooms since it opened in 2014 but has already been made with a name among fans of this type of premises. Your VIP service is very requested.

What kind of shows can be found?

In these rooms all kinds of shows are performed. It can be found from a live performance of a renowned musician or a musical group to special nights for resident DJs who are responsible for giving their personal touch to the venue.
The parties are famous in many of these clubs and are celebrated, generally, once a week. At these parties performances of different types are carried out, coordinated by a famous DJ who is the visible head of the poster and who organizes the event. Some of these parties have been so well known that they even travel to other places in Madrid or Barcelona on days when they are not celebrated in Ibiza.
Of course, you can also find special performances of DJs of international renown and those that are usually the most requested by the public. Not in vain are the nightclubs on the island the cradle of the best DJs in the world and they have their reference signal in these artists.

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