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Invest in Ibiza

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Ibiza offers great investment opportunities for those who are willing to bet heavily on the real estate market. The great demand of houses and villas for vacations as well as housing in general makes investing in the island in any of these options a guaranteed gain.

While in other areas prices may fall or there is a risk of oversaturation, this does not seem to happen in Ibiza where each year more and more homes are required not only to spend holiday periods, but also as a home for the whole year.


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Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are a safe bet for those who do not want to get into big investments and want to start recovering their money fast. Buying a villa or a large apartment to rent for days, weeks or months is an investment that starts to collect benefits almost immediately.

Many begin renting these villas through platforms and, in a short time, they have fixed clients that guarantee their full throughout the year, without having to worry about practically announcing it. Others vary their clientele but they do not have it empty practically never.


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Home building

There is a great demand for homes to buy but above all to rent in Ibiza. For those who can afford to wait for an investment option, it is to buy a plot of land on which to build different homes for rent, whether large luxury homes or small apartments for people who come to work during the high season.

The large constructions can be made between several investors to get enough money so that the work goes ahead in a period of time as short as possible, allowing you to start recovering the investment as soon as possible.

Houses to rehabilitate

Another option is to buy houses to rehabilitate. You have to get a house at a good price and, with a trustworthy rehabilitation company, take on a project so that the home recovers its value. Once it is fully recovered, it can be sold for profit or it can be rented, which allows you to recover your money more slowly, but you can get much more in the medium term.

Many people start with a small house to rehabilitate and from there they invest their profits until they get several houses on the island that allow them to obtain very important rents throughout the year.

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