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The ten best celebrities who spend their holidays in Ibiza

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1) Christina Aguilera: The singer has been seen in Ibiza in the company of her partner and, according to those who have seen them; they spilled love and good vibes.

2) Katy Perry: Another well-known singer who was also seen on the beaches of Ibiza, but in this case, without the company of her boyfriend. Of course, his faithful puppy did not lack mimes and affection.

3) Helen Lindes: The model is completely in love with Ibiza and usually goes alone or with her partner. In addition, she enjoys a lot with water sports such as paddle surfing.

4) Carles Puyol: For years, you can usually see him in Ibiza during his holidays, always accompanied by his family, with whom he enjoys as any other vacationer on the island.

5) Leo Messi: It is common to see the famous footballer enjoying his vacation on the island. He loves it so much that, recently he has bought a hotel in Figueretas. The gossips say that in addition to clearly economic reasons, Messi bought the hotel to give himself the satisfaction of getting ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo, who has already expressed his intention to buy a hotel on the island to join his chain.

6) Cher: The queen of the scandals in the eighties also enjoys resting from time to time in Ibiza. This celebrity has for many years been dropping from time to time for its beaches and enjoying the odd party in the most famous venues.

7) Alessandra Amborosio: This year she enjoyed a few summer days in Ibiza and, judging from the photos she posted on her Instagram, she must have had a great time. I’m sure she will come again over here.

8) Chiara Ferragni: This blogger has also dropped by the island in the company of her fiancé and her son. He has not missed the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine of our country and leave it immortalized in several photographs.

9) Vicky Martín Berrocal: She is also a regular in Ibiza and it is a passion that seems to be inherited, since his daughter has posted several photographs in the networks enjoying the pool of her hotel.

10) Baroness Thyssen: Her special friend Manuel Segura, Borja Thyssen and Blanca Cuesta, together with the little ones of the family, usually choose Ibiza to enjoy yacht rides and a few days of vacations.




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