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The 10 places you cannot miss if you travel to Ibiza

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It is really difficult to choose only 10 sites in Ibiza given its great offer. That is why we have focused on five typical tourist places and five places of leisure. We have left aside the beaches because of them we have already talked long and hard on other occasions.

villa-valeria-ibiza-talamanca-2 The 10 places you cannot miss if you travel to Ibiza


The Fortress of Ibiza: In the city of Ibiza, the area of ​​the Fortress is the oldest and the one with the best views. A fantastic place to take a relaxing stroll and be carried away.

The cave of Can Marçá: They are dated in more than 100,000 years and are in the municipality of Sant Miquel. Impressive thanks to the reconstructions made.

The Cave of Es Culleram: Ancient sanctuary dedicated to the divinity Tanit. It can be visited for free and it is customary to make an offering in exchange for a wish.

The market of Las Dalias: It is the most famous hippy market on the island. Although it is clearly oriented to tourism you can find many handicrafts made by real hippies that have remained on the island.

Fortified church of Santa Eulària: This church stands out for its originality and beauty, but it is also located in a town that has privileged places with fantastic views and many interesting markets.

Your sea enjoying a boat party: The sea is one of the strongest attractions of Ibiza and that’s why discovering it through a boat party is an experience that you have to live if you come to the island.

The hidden face of the sea of ​​Ibiza: And if discovering the surface of the sea by boat is a pleasure, it is no less to discover the hidden side of the sea enjoying a diving or snorkeling session. A landscape that not everyone knows and that has, at least, as attractive as any of its beaches.

Amnesia Ibiza: One of the best nightclubs on the island and it has to be a mandatory stop for anyone who wants to discover the nightlife of the island. It is recommended to have an entrance in advance since on summer nights it can be difficult to enter.

Bora Bora: Another nightclub, but with a very interesting feature is that it opens during the day and, moreover, is located on a beach. Can you think of a better way to spend a totally different beach day?

Privilege Ibiza: And to finish the Ibiza party route, this disco that is in the Guinness Record book for being the largest in the world. To see it at its peak, you have to go on the days when there is a party.


villa-valeria-ibiza-talamanca_22-2 The 10 places you cannot miss if you travel to Ibiza





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