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February in Ibiza 2019 weather, activities to do

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During the month of February the weather in Ibiza is turning out to be fresh but very pleasant. With an average of 15 degrees during the day and 8 degrees during the night, there is no excess of warm clothes but thanks to the fact that the sky is very clear and it is expected to continue like this the whole month. The thermal sensation is very pleasant, especially at noon when it is easy to cheer up to eat at one of the terraces in the area.


ibiza-february February in Ibiza 2019 weather, activities to do

Although some of the fashionable venues in Ibiza close in the off-season, others continue open all year round, which offers the opportunity to go to a trendy restaurant and get a table easily or go for a drink at a nightclub and see a good show without having to buy the ticket in advance.

Outdoor activities
There are outdoor activities that are a lot more pleasant to do with the February weather than with the weather in July, such as hiking trails. Going for a walk, taking a horse ride or enjoying a bike route are very pleasant activities when the weather is slightly cool, thus avoiding suffering a sun of justice during the whole journey.
You can also take advantage of the nice weather and visit the outdoor markets that are so crowded in summer that it can be uncomfortable to walk through them. It will be much easier to see everything, find exactly what you want, and even haggle a good price when there are not many tourists willing to pay more than they should for things.

Activities at sea
It is true that the sea is more palatable when the weather is warmer and it is possible to swim, but lovers of water sports know that temperature is not a problem when it comes to enjoying the sea. Thanks to the neoprene wetsuits, it is possible to practice sports such as diving, snorkelling or jet skis without any problem even during this time of the year.
You can also take advantage of boat excursions and eat moored along a cove enjoying the scenery and the tranquillity that is in Ibiza at this time of year. Not being a time of high tourism, everything is quite more pleasant and you can go to places that at other times of the year are too crowded.

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