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6 things you can do in Ibiza

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1) Discover a lost cove: The coast of Ibiza is full of small coves of great beauty. Many are not in tourist guides although you will always find people in all of them. There are even some of them that only accessible by boat. Discovering some cove in which you feel very comfortable and enjoying its views and its peace will be one of the best experiences you will live on this amazing island.

ibiza 6 things you can do in Ibiza


2) Activities at sea: The Sea is one of the biggest attractions of Ibiza and sports and activities on the water are highly demanded. Rent a boat, jet skis or perform activities as surprising as the Flyboard is possible in Ibiza. Hiring several activities to fill an entire afternoon in a group and have a great time is the best advice we can give you.

3) Live the night, as you have never done before: The night in Ibiza is different from everything you have been able to experience until now. The shows of its clubs are among the most important and recognized in the world. People from all over Europe and even from the US travel to Ibiza every year exclusively to enjoy the most popular parties in the world. That is why, even if you are not a fan of the nightlife, you have to go to some of the best-known nightclubs to see a show because there is nothing like it.

4) Go shopping at one of its markets: Ibiza’s hippy markets are world famous. It is true that few of them retain that original authentic flavour, but they are still perfect places to get lost for hours and buy many typical things at affordable prices. You can even get lucky and find authentic artisans to buy jewellery, clothes or shoes.

5) Perform one of its hiking routes: The beaches are the best known of Ibiza, but the island also has beautiful places in its interior that are covered by many hiking trails. Look for any nearby where you stay and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in which you can have a very different view of the island.

6) Enjoy its incredible cuisine: After all, one of the greatest pleasures when you are on vacation is to enjoy food and drink. In Ibiza you can taste very fresh fish and, of course, delicious sweets such as orelletes. If you want your experience to be even better, dine on a terrace by the sea and taste the food you can contemplate the views.

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