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Rent a villa in Ibiza to celebrate your wedding

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Ibiza villas Wedding

Surely you have heard more than once talk about the Ibizan weddings. These celebrations, in many cases starred by celebrities, we have been able to see in magazines of all kinds and in reports for television.
Ibiza is one of the Destination Weddings, or wedding destinations, most requested in Spain and it is not for less. Its landscapes and surroundings are perfect for an outdoor celebration. But, in addition, they have a series of services aimed at this type of celebration that will make everything perfect.

Villa-Vagabunda-principal-1-818x540 Rent a villa in Ibiza to celebrate your wedding

Wedding villa Ibiza

Our proposal is that you celebrate the wedding in a rented villa. It is a much more intimate place than a hotel, since it will be only for you and your guests, avoiding coinciding with other events and, in addition, with hotel guests.
By hiring a wedding planning service, the villa will be perfect for the celebration and will be a dream place for that purpose. You can choose a villa with a large garden to create a beautiful space for an outdoor wedding. The events agency can take care of all the procedures for a civil wedding in this privileged scenario.
The villa can also be the perfect place to stay after the party, both for the couple and for the parents of each one. The rest of friends and family can stay at one of the many hotels on the island.


47 Rent a villa in Ibiza to celebrate your wedding

All kinds of attention for your Ibiza wedding

The villas for rent to celebrate weddings are places with great luxuries in which you will feel like in a fairy tale. The food can run on account of a catering that is responsible for either bringing cold dishes or preparing the lunch or dinner in the same villa so that everything is perfect. You can also hire other services such as live music so you do not miss anything.
And if you want the wedding to be typically Ibizan, you can ask all the guests to wear white and decorate everything in this color so typical of the island. Of course, the rented villa must also have the typical Ibizan style that makes everyone fall in love and thanks to which will be given that special touch that will make the link the most original and beautiful that you could have imagined.

If you want to celebrate your wedding in one of the best villas in Ibiza, do not hesitate to contact us. In Ibizabyday we put at your disposal the best villas to celebrate your wedding.


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