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Luxury villas for rent in Ibiza

Villa rentals Ibiza. Ibiza villas to rent

The villas in Ibiza are undoubtedly one of the best treasures on the island. Fantastic mansions with every detail of amenities, which will make your vacation a trip to dream paradise.
In Ibizabyday we have an extensive portfolio of paradisiacal villas in Ibiza, so that your dreams come true. We provide our clients with high quality accommodation, always seeking to satisfy the needs of our clients. Our villas are inspected regularly and have a continuous maintenance. If you are looking for a holiday villa in Ibiza you are in the right place.


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Rent a luxury villa in Ibiza

Villa rentals Ibiza

Our luxurious villas in Ibiza, have many amenities and services available to our customers, such as air conditioning, barbecues, satellite television, parking, infinity pools, Internet, high-end sound systems installed throughout the villa , alarm, private parking, high-end appliances, integrated home automation systems, whirlpool baths, en suite bathrooms, huge terraces overlooking the pool, sauna cabins, gyms, chill out areas, extensive paradisiacal gardens where you can walk or simply lie down to sunbathe in hammocks, lift, safe, security systems, ice machines, heating, ocean views, wi-fi and a long list of vip services so that our customers can enjoy their stay without worries.


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Ibiza, an island of contrasts

Unesco registered Ibiza as the island of bioadversity and culture on December 4, 1999, considering the beautiful island of Ibiza and its cultural and natural assets, a World Heritage Site. An example of interaction between marine and coastal ecosystems and also remembering how important Ibiza was in the Phoenician and Carthaginian times. The salt pans of Ibiza and Formentera forged the beginning of the union between the culture and the nature of the Balearic island. The natural park of Ses Salines, a protected natural area of ​​the Balearic Islands, is composed of the two islands of Ibiza and Formentera together with their marine areas .

Contrasting with the natural ecosystem, the natural landscapes and the beautiful flora and fauna of Ibiza, we have the other side of the coin, the nocturnal Ibiza. Beach bars, discos that house the best DJs in the world, Dj Tiesto or David Guetta for example. Endless boat parties, restaurants, Ibiza parties in the best clubs worldwide such as Amnesia or Pacha, private parties in villas in Ibiza, street markets, shops, leisure areas. All a contrast that lives in total harmony, offering tourists what they want to do at every moment.


The best villas for rent in Ibiza

Our customers often ask us, which is the best villa we can rent in Ibiza?
The answer is somewhat difficult, since each of our Ibiza villas has its charm. Our luxurious villas are unbeatable, with immense bedrooms and lounges, infinity pools and paradisiacal gardens. Our villas have an unparalleled architectural design, built and designed by great architects like the famous architect Jordi Carreño for example.


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Holiday villas in Ibiza

Villas for rent in Ibiza

In Ibizabyday we have in exclusivity one of the best villas in Ibiza, Villa Vagabunda.
A beautiful villa located a few kilometers from the center of Ibiza. This prestigious villa that was designed by the famous architect Jordi Carreño, is located in an enclave of luxury and peace in harmony with the fantastic Ibizan landscape and the impressive Mediterranean Sea. This fabulous and sophisticated villa in Ibiza has an open architecture combining classical and contemporary lines. Wide and luminous rooms that measure more than 80 square meters, Bose sound systems throughout the villa, huge bedrooms with bathrooms en suite, Jacuzzis and with access to the terraces and pools. The best vip amenities such as breakfast bar, internet, alarm, infinity pool, saunas, hot tubs and housekeeper. A fabulous villa 15 minutes from Ibiza by car and two minutes by car from the Roca Lisa golf course.


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Ibiza villas to rent

Adavantages of renting or buying villas in Ibiza through Ibizabyday real estate

When we decide to buy or rent villas in Ibiza, a series of questions may arise, such as: Is it better to manage it at a particular level or through a specialized real estate agency? It is clear that when we manage these procedures in particular we save an additional cost like commission of intermediaries but, we assure you that the advantages of having a real estate agency which oversees all the procedures, will be much greater than the possible expense, whether you are owner and want to sell or rent as if you are interested in buying or renting.

These are the advantages of having Ibizabyday when processing a rental or purchase, both for owners and for tenants or buyers:

Advantages for the owners

  • Tenant selection: The villas in Ibiza are very requested for rentals so you have to make a good selection of the tenant to identify which of them can and want to pay through delinquent files and other steps to ensure that people who access these services are solvent and reliable.
  • Signing of the contract: The preparation of a correct rental or purchase contract is essential to avoid having any subsequent surprises. In Ibizabyday we have a team of professionals and legal experts who write the contracts in accordance with current law.

Advantages for tenants and buyers

  • Controlled prices: When you are looking for villas in Ibiza to rent or to buy, the prices can be very different depending on the area but also if you do it through a real estate agency or not, since we are used to negotiating prices and we know which are the amounts that are paid depending on the area where the homes are located and its characteristics.
  • Quality of the properties: As intermediaries we ensure that the properties are in perfect condition and maintenance through regular inspections that ensure that there is no further damage to tenants or buyers.
  • Advice on the signing of the contract: There are cases in which the owners of the property intend to include bonds and other abusive clauses in the contracts and, sometimes, due to ignorance or carelessness, can be very harmful for the tenant.


Discover some of our luxury villas in Ibiza

  • Villa Titan: It is the most fabulous and prestigious of the villas in Ibiza and was designed by the successful businesswoman Cathy Guetta. This luxurious villa is located 10 minutes from the sea and offers you 12 bedrooms, 6-star luxury service, swimming pools, spa and Wellness Area, fitness zone gym with giant TV, movie theater, game rooms for kids and more things that you can know in detail by entering the Villas section of our website. We assure you that every detail of this wonderful luxury villa will surprise you.
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