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The most fun activities to do in Ibiza

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If there is something with what Ibiza has, it is with a large leisure offer, so deciding which activities are the most fun to carry out is a complicated task. We know that they are not all they are, but we assure you that the ones we have selected will make you spend an incredible time.

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Aquatic bikes

The water bikes are wild, daring and distill adrenaline on all four sides. And it does not matter if you do not have a license to drive them, because if you hire a guided excursion you can take the jet ski by listening to the previous instructions and complying with the security measures. A sensation that will seduce you and that you can also enjoy with all your friends to make photos and videos of memories with the best moments.

Parties in nightclubs

The parties in Ibiza are so famous worldwide that there are many people who come only with the idea of ​​going to some of the best known. Among them, there are some parties that star the most famous DJs and that take place in the most emblematic clubs on the island. You can not miss at least one of them even if the nightlife is not your thing because they have something special and different from the parties of any other place.

Hippie markets

They say that they are not what they used to be, that they have lost their charm and that they do not have the authenticity of before, but a walk through the most famous hippie markets in Ibiza is always pleasant and offers the possibility of buying some handicrafts that are very interesting and that are not found in other places, so they are perfect to take as a souvenir of the holidays on the island. Try to get away from the busiest to get lower prices.

One day by boat

The sea is one of the protagonists of Ibiza and spending a day on the boat will make you enjoy the Mediterranean as much as possible. You can go to a cove difficult to access, enjoy renting a seabob to fly over the waves as if you were a dolphin or have a drink on deck while you contemplate the island from the opposite perspective to the one you usually see. A small luxury that is worth to be allowed for everything it offers, especially if it is rented with friends.



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