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Activities in Ibiza to do with children

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When traveling with children you have to choose very well the activities that are carried out. They have to include the little ones and be fun for them, but also for the adults since the holidays are time for everyone. For this reason, we have looked for some activities that can be done in Ibiza and that you can enjoy with your family.

II-41 Activities in Ibiza to do with children

Short routes

In Ibiza there is the possibility of making all kinds of hiking routes. Surely, children do not like to walk very much, but if instead of choosing the hiking routes are made horseback riding can be an incredible experience for them. Especially if you are offered the possibility of riding a pony.
You can also choose a fun bike route, renting bicycles in any of the companies that are dedicated to this activity. With the bikes you can visit a nearby town. For the children it will be like a game and the adults will enjoy the views and the landscape.


Of course, a day at the beach can not miss a family agenda in Ibiza. There are beaches of all kinds on the island, if you choose a quiet and not too large children can play in the sand while sunbathing and all together enjoy a refreshing swim whenever you want.
The chiringuitos are ideal for an ice cream and a snack and, after the break, continue with the games in the sand. If the beach is calm enough you can even play with paddles or with a ball in the sea water.

Rental of inflatables and jet skis

There are companies in Ibiza that rent all kinds of inflatables and jet skis to enjoy at sea. Inflatables are the favorite toys of children, but older people will have a great time with them. There are many types so you just have to take a look at the offers and decide on the most attractive. These companies also frequently rent water bikes so that the elderly can take turns while others enjoy the children. An unforgettable experience that you will enjoy like never before at sea. Especially recommended if a boat is rented, as these companies move to the chosen place to offer their services.


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